Our Story

Our story began with a simple gift from Alec’s Mom. A holiday basket filled with products made by differently abled adults for Alec’s amazing job coach, Gail.

Alec is a 25-year young man who just happens to have Down Syndrome. He’s a perfectionist and has a talent for arranging items in a neat and organized way. Gail quickly realized that his OCD, viewed by many as a disabling trait, could be his ticket to gainful employment. Who better to assemble and wrap the perfect basket?

Combining Gail’s vision with their 30 years of business experience and corporate network, Alec’s parents knew they had an opportunity to create lifetime employment for Alec and his peers.

And just like that, Alec’s Gift Baskets was born!

Our Mission

Our mission is simple and twofold...


...to provide much needed employment to differently abled adults

...to elevate the entire special needs community by filling our baskets with high quality products
created by businesses all over this great country who share our vision

Our Values

We Believe that EVERY person:

deserves to wake up with purpose each day;
should be seen for who they are, not how they’re labeled;
has unique abilities to share with the world;

and most of all we believe that every person deserves to work, and that work should be FUN!!!